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A Genealogist In The Archives: What's New in the Archives? A Question Every Genealogist Should Ask.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What's New in the Archives? A Question Every Genealogist Should Ask.

As an archivist, working in an archive everyday, I get very excited when someone walks through the door with a records donation in hand. Many of our archives would not have the historical records they have without the generosity of others that make records donations. Whether it's documents, photographs, ephemera or artifacts, our archives are constantly accepting records donations.

Parker Surname Vertical File, Houston County, TN. Archives

One tip that I like to share with the genealogist is to ask the staff at the archives about their new records donations. Many times these records collections haven't even been processed yet but the archivist might let you look through a specific collection. Be prepared, sometimes the archivist doesn't allow patrons to view unprocessed collections. But like I always say "It doesn't hurt to ask!" Many times these records that are new to the archives are ready for patrons but they may not be listed in the index.

Many of our archives and archivists are very busy processing records, helping patrons, answer email, etc. that many records collections could just be sitting waiting to be processed. If you have made a research trip to an archive, it wouldn't hurt to ask about any new record donations or collections. There could very well be records in those boxes about your ancestors.

Houston County Lions Club Records Donation, Houston County, TN. Archives

If you are emailing or talking to the archives by phone, be sure and ask about any new records collections that have been processed or that have recently been donated and are waiting to be processed.

The next time you are at an archive or communicating with them by email or phone, don't forget to ask "What's New in the Archives?"



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