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A Genealogist In The Archives: Preserving Whole Newspapers and Newspaper Pages

Monday, November 21, 2016

Preserving Whole Newspapers and Newspaper Pages

Newspapers, a treasure trove of genealogical information for any genealogist. We access them on microfilm, we find clippings in vertical files and we even may have inherited whole newspapers from a family member.

Bound Newspapers, Houston County, TN. Archives

Many people saved whole newspapers when there was a national tragedy that called for a bold headline. The entire newspaper was saved because the person understood the significance of the event and thought saving the newspaper would be a good thing. Maybe the entire newspaper wasn't saved but an entire page of the newspaper was saved. Saving the front page of the newspaper to document an event or if there was a story about a family member that was a big article that took up most of one page and carried over to another page.

WWII Headline, Houston County, TN. Archives

If you have whole newspapers or whole pages out of the newspaper in your genealogy records collections and you would like to keep them, here is an easy way to preserve them and have them in a form that you can enjoy. This process is what we use in the Houston County, TN. Archives.

The materials you will need for this preservation project are simple and can be purchased at any of the online archival stores listed below:

-A Post Bound Over-sized Scrapbook
-Archival Polyester Page Protectors for a Post Bound Over-sized Scrapbook
-Scrapbook Post Extenders (these are used to create the binding of the book)

A Post Bound Over-sized Scrapbook

Archival Polyester Page Protectors

Scrapbook Post Extenders
Take the entire newspaper or newspaper page and put it in the archival polyester page protector. If you have more than one, I would suggest that you put them in date order. Also, two whole newspapers or two pages of the newspaper can be put into one sleeve, back-to-back. The page protectors then go into the over-sized scrapbook with the post extenders being used as the binder. Very simple yet very archival.

Example of the over-sized scrapbook.
This process helps to preserve the whole newspaper and newspaper pages. It also allows you to look at the newspapers without fear of damaging them from handling.

Online Archival Material Stores:

Gaylord Archival

Hollinger Metal Edge

Light Impressions

University Products




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  1. NJ has very little in the way of newspapers online. The one I most need - the Passaic Herald News - was microfilmed many years ago, but only the Passaic and Clifton public libraries have it and they won't send it out on inter-library loan. The company that published the newspaper was bought out and the new owner THREW OUT all the original issues that had been stored so there is no chance of any new, clean digitization happening. It makes me ill just thinking about it! You've given great tips here for preserving articles and pages. That paper is so acidic.

    1. Linda, it makes me sick to hear of any records being destroyed or thrown out, especially newspapers. Thank You for reading my blog!

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