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A Genealogist In The Archives: Using Archival Boxes to Store Genealogical Records

Friday, October 6, 2017

Using Archival Boxes to Store Genealogical Records

Organizing and preserving family documents, photographs and artifacts are something that all genealogists have to contend with. In the Houston County, Tennessee Archives we work on processing and preserving county records and local historical records everyday.

Tools of the trade, Houston County, Tennessee Archives

Part of the preservation process is having the right tools for the job. I am asked all the time by genealogists about the boxes, file folders and other materials that we use here in the archives to preserve records. Many times I hear, "A box is just a box, right?" and my answer is NO!

Storing documents, photographs and artifacts in archival storage boxes is the only way to properly preserve these items so that future generations can enjoy them.

The most popular boxes used in an archive setting and perfect for any genealogist to use with their own records is a Flip-Top Archival Storage Box also called a Hollinger Box. These boxes are used the most in archives. They are durable, sturdy and will repel moisture. They come in different sizes to accommodate all documents.

Flip Top Style Hollinger Box

You can view and purchase these types of Hollinger boxes on Amazon at:

Another type of archival storage box that can be used is a Record Storage Carton with a Shallow Lid. These types of boxes are great for a large amount of records as well as to store 3-dimensional objects or artifacts.

Archival Storage Boxes with lids, Houston County, Tennessee Archives

You can view and purchase these types of Storage boxes on Amazon at:

Whichever box you choose to use for your genealogical records and artifacts, make sure it has passed the P.A.T. test. This is the Photographic Activity Test and is a worldwide standard for archival quality.

Irish Celebration Records Collection 1963-Present Day, Houston County, Tennessee Archives

So, the next time you start thinking "A box is just a box, right?". Thank again and make sure you get archival safe and archival quality boxes to store your precious family records and artifacts.

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