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A Genealogist In The Archives: Genealogists are Home Archivists!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Genealogists are Home Archivists!

It is October 2nd and the second day of American Archives Month!

I want you to know that as genealogists with original records, photographs and artifacts, You Are The Home Archivist! You are the keeper of the family history and I applaud each and every one of you that has taken on this responsibility.

Bartram Family Bible and Items Found Inside, Owned by Melissa Barker

I also want to remind you there are thousands of archives, historical societies, genealogical societies, university archives and museums out there and they hold millions of records that are NOT ONLINE. I completely understand that it can be a hardship for many of us to travel to these places to do research. Keep in mind that calling and emailing are very viable tools to use in communicating with these facilities.

My tip for you today is to think outside the box as you are doing your genealogy research.. Communicate with local archives about your genealogy research. Talk to the archivists about the records they hold in their archives. Ask them about Manuscript Collections, Vertical Files, Loose Records and all the records they have that are not online. Most archivists are ready and willing to be a help to you!

Houston County, TN. Lions Club Records Donation, Located in Houston County, TN. Archives

Being the caretaker of your families history and records is a very important job and one that takes dedication. I admire all of those that are Home Archivists.

In the coming days, during American Archives Month during October, I will be sharing tips for records preservation of all kinds and advice for researching in archives of all kinds.

Saving our families history is so very important and one that each genealogist should be proud to hand down to their descendants.

So, to all of you that collect and preserve your family documents, photographs, artifacts and information, just know that you are very much appreciated!



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