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A Genealogist In The Archives: Genealogy and The Andy Griffith Show

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Genealogy and The Andy Griffith Show

Genealogy is everywhere.....

I was talking with my friend Thomas MacEntee of Genealogy Bargains the other day about how we can find genealogy and family history everywhere these days. This is so true and it's also true genealogy related themes have always shown up in our popular culture and in places that are not genealogy related.

School Board Minute Books, Houston County, TN. Archives

For instance, a couple of months ago my husband and I started watching The Andy Griffith Show. We started with Season 1, Episode 1 and have really enjoyed watching each and every episode. I have to admit, I have never watched The Andy Griffith Show. I had heard about it and maybe seen a clip or two but never had I sat down and watched entire episodes. 

The Andy Griffith Show

The other night we watched Season 1, Episode 25 which originally aired April 3, 1961 and was titled A Plaque for Mayberry. This particular episode description caught my interest: There may be a direct descendant of a Revolutionary War hero living in Mayberry flatters the town, 'til they learn who it is. The Women's Historical Society presented a plaque to the descendant of the Revolutionary War Hero who lived in Mayberry.

Members of the Women's Historical Society

The words Revolutionary War Hero jumped off the TV screen at me and I couldn't wait to watch the episode.

I won't spoil the show for you but you can watch this YouTube video of a synopsis of the episode.

You can also read about the story line and some trivia about this episode at IMDb:

If you watch the episode, you will even get a chance to see Barney Fife's family tree!

So, it's true, genealogy is everywhere! Even on The Andy Griffith Show!


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