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A Genealogist In The Archives: Free Download of Disaster Planning for the Genealogist!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Free Download of Disaster Planning for the Genealogist!

Legacy Family Tree is offering my Legacy Quick Guide Disaster Planning for the Genealogist for FREE through Sunday, September 3, 2017!

Here is the official announcement!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Disaster Planning for the Genealogist

Given this past week’s events in Texas related to Hurricane Harvey, and as the storm makes its way through the American South this weekend, it is easy to feel helpless if you and your family are not directly impacted. In speaking with genealogy friends and colleagues, I don’t think there is any degree of separation from this disaster: we likely all know at least one person who has lost their home, their business and their possessions.
Besides contributing to various charities, gathering relief supplies and volunteering, here is something you can do for yourself: put together a disaster plan related to your genealogy and family history research.

Download this FREE GUIDE on Disaster Planning by Melissa Barker

Melissa Barker, aka The Archive Lady, knows all too well what can happen to important papers and artifacts as well as data when a disaster hits. Whether it is fire, flood or simply a computer failure, Melissa has created a guide at Legacy Family Tree entitled Disaster Planning for the Genealogist

Through a special arrangement with our friends at Legacy Family Tree, Melissa wants to make sure that every genealogist has access to this important information. That is why Disaster Planning for the Genealogist is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD starting Thursday, August 31st through Sunday, September 3rd, 2017. Click HERE to get your PDF copy now!

Please take a minute not to just download the guide, but please read it and seriously consider what would happen if you lost treasured family heirlooms or research data related to your genealogy. You can at least minimize damage from various disasters, if not prevent such damage all together.

So this weekend as you keep others in Texas in your thoughts and prayers, take a minute to do your homework and put together a disaster plan for your genealogy.


  1. thank you very much for such a generous gift!

  2. Jeffrey, you are so very welcome! I am very passionate about records preservation that I hope this helps others. Thank You for reading my blog!

  3. Replies
    1. Regina, you are very welcome! I hope this information helps you preserve your family records. Thank You for reading my blog!

  4. I downloaded it twice, once on my phone and once on the laptop. I can't read either one because it's too blurry.

    1. Donna, I am sorry that has happened, I don't have any control over the download. You might try contacted Legacy Family Tree and see if they know why that happened.

  5. Thank you very VERY much for this helpful information. I really don't want 30+ years of hard work to disappear because of a disaster--natural or man-made. So this is greatly appreciated! You're very thoughtful to extend this to genealogists everywhere free of charge. Thanks again!

    1. Kaye, You are Very Welcome! I hope it helps you to preserve your 30+ years worth of records. Thank You for reading my blog!