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Friday, October 14, 2016

"31 Days of Tips from The Archive Lady"

DAY #14

Where To Get Archival Materials

We are on Day #14 of "31 Days of Tips from The Archive Lady". I have talked a lot about archiving and preserving different kinds of family records. You may be wondering: "Where do I purchase all those archival materials that have been mentioned during this series of blog posts?"

Items such as archival storage boxes, archival tissue paper, archival file folders, etc.

There are several online companies that sell archival safe materials for the home archivist. They literally have anything and everything a home archivist would ever need to preserve and protect genealogical records, ephemera and artifacts. The most important part of purchasing archival materials is to be sure the packaging states the items have "Passed P.A.T.". This is an international standard test for evaluating photo-storage and display products. This test explores interactions between photographic images and the enclosures in which they are stored.

Here is a listing of companies that sell archival materials. All of these companies have online catalogs and all of them will mail a catalog to your home upon request:

Gaylord Archival

University Products


Hollinger Metal Edge


Light Impressions


Archival Methods



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