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A Genealogist In The Archives: GenFriends with Dr. Penny Walters

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

GenFriends with Dr. Penny Walters

Have you ever wondered why we do genealogy research? Why do we have this addiction to researching our ancestors? What ethical concerns do we all have when we find information that may not be something all our family members would want out there?

Well, Dr. Penny Walters discusses that in her two books that were recently discussed with the author on GenFriends, a genealogy discussion group.

Dr. Walters joined the GenFriends panel to discuss her two books:

The Ethical Delimmas in Genealogy

The Psychology of Searching

I was part of this discussion as one of the panelists for GenFriends and found these topics to be quite interesting and something I felt other genealogist would enjoy exploring.

You can watch the full episode of GenFriends at this link:

After you have watched the discussion on YouTube you can then decide if you would like to purchase Dr. Walter's books, they can be purchased at Amazon:

The Ethical Delimmas in Genealogy
The Psychology of Searching

Exploring why we research our ancestors and the ethical dilemmas we face is something many of us think about and Dr. Penny Walters has researched and written about in her two books.


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